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     Ushaks, along with Serapi and Sultanabad were the first rugs that Americans decorated with in the 19th Century. The English traders bought semi antique Ushaks, gave them antique washes and sold them to Europeans and Americans. When the supply of antique Ushaks ran low, they began producing Ushaks for export. These Ushaks had similar designs to the Sultanabads that were being produced by other companies in and around Mahal, Iran.

     Thus Ushaks have always been part of the triumvirate of antique rugs that rule traditional American design.

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     We follow the "rug part"of the trading game. We buy and restore antique Ushaks. We also buy vintage, semi-antique Anataolian and Turkish carpets. They are then given an Ushak wash or sent to sun and repaired.

     We wholesale rugs to the trade and  our prices are fair. We listen to our clients.

     We believe in  "living with the rugs" to see if they would work in the space, so we encourage our clients to try them at home.  We  also do trunk shows with our interior designers.

          Terracotta Oushak Ca. 1890